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FRANS The Caviar House “Imperial Heritage“, founded and owned by the Colman family, guarantees you the finest Caviar selection of the most praised sturgeon species...

Enjoy one of the most praised sturgeon Caviars and treat yourself, your family and friends to this unique Caviar experience. As Caviar “affineurs”, only selecting the best Caviars, we are able to endow our loyal customers with all their gourmet pleasures. Our partners have more than thirty years of experience in environmentally sustainable sturgeon farming, guaranteeing our Imperial Heritage Caviar a flavour that’s luxuriously refined, while always respecting nature’s balance.

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Chef's Review

"With Imperial Heritage Caviar I have found the ideal caviar for my kitchen. This caviar is less salty than most others, is an ideal flavour guide and has its own elegant character that I characterize as fresh, very pure and authentic."

Christophe Hardiquest  -  Bon Bon **  Brussels 

Chef's Review

"A heavenly creamy caviar that reminds our pallets of what pure luxury is and the nutty spheres burst of umami enhancing all the best flavours of the ocean… "

Rikku Marais-Ó’Donnchü - SÿN Group Cape South Africa

Chef's Review

"Imperial Heritage Caviar is a natural top product, defined by its fresh minerality and slightly salty touch. I usually use the caviar in its pure form or in combination with raw fish, crustaceans or shellfish."

Tim Boury - Boury ** Roeselare

Chef's Review

"No party or festivity without caviar! Caviar has something invincible! But there is caviar and there is caviar... In my opinion, nothing can match the delicate taste of Imperial Heritage Caviar."

François Geurds - FG Restaurant **

Chef's Review

"For me Imperial Heritage Caviar is the best alternative for wild sturgeon caviar... Its delicate aroma, rich flavour and beautiful structure fit perfectly with my way of cooking."

Ralf Berendsen - Restaurant La Source ** Lanaken