“Beluga Royal”

Traditionally the largest of all Caspian pearls. The rare delicate light grey berries of the Beluga offer an elegant buttery flavour with a mild nutty touch. By experts described as “a faint flavour of the sea”. Savouring Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with extraordinary large pearls, is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements. This caviar is salted the traditional way (IRANIAN Malossol: mild salting).


The Beluga (Huso huso) is found primarily in the Caspian and Black Sea basins. Beluga is a huge and late-maturing fish that can live for 118 years. The female Beluga sturgeon takes up to twenty-five years to mature and produce eggs. The egg colour varies from light grey to nearly black.

Culture: Aquaculture, near the Caspian Sea (IRAN)
Colour: Light to dark grey.
Pearl: Large–sized
Flavour: Most delicate and mild buttery flavour, creamy and salty elegance. Full bodied flavour. (No secondary flavours)



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