This delicious selection “Connoisseurs” Caviar satisfies even the choosiest refined palates and it is most appreciated by the best connoisseurs in the world. It originates from the Siberian Sturgeon. A distinguished crispy, nutty flavour combined with a long subtle after taste, is what characterises this Caviar. This caviar has ripened with character, resulting in its full flavour. The “Connoisseurs” Caviar is salted Mild Malossol.


A species originating from Lake Baikal, near Irkutsk Oblast (Siberia, Russia). Lake Baikal is considered to be the oldest and largest freshwater lake in the world, about 25 million years old and well-known for its particularly clean water.

Culture: Aquaculture Lombardy Region (Italy)
Colour: Range from silver-grey to black
Pearl: Medium-sized
Flavour: Refined flavours of hazelnut, mild salty flavour (no secondary flavours)



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